porcelain factory st petersburg

Tourists and residents of St. Petersburg and can visit the factories of the largest companies in the city with a guided tour. This is a unique opportunity to find out how the products of famous brands are made: cars, imperial china, drinks, sweets, and legendary watches.

Imperial Porcelain Factory

As part of an excursion to the famous factory, visitors can learn all about creating masterpieces from porcelain. They will get acquainted with the technologies and secrets of production, as well as visit the gallery of modern porcelain art.

Duration of the tour – 45 minutes. Tour price: from 350 rubles. Reservation by phone: 326-17-43

car plant russia

Hyundai Car Factory

Within the walls of Hyundai Car Factory, visitors can see the world of automotive industry. During the tour, visitors will be shown how vehicles are created and the story of the creation of a successful company will be told. Guests will visit the stamping workshop, the welding workshop, and the assembly workshop. A free shuttle bus is provided for groups.

Duration of the tour – 1.5 hours. Tour price: free. Reservation by phone: 418-01-00

Coca-Cola factory

The legendary drink factory provides entertaining excursions for everyone. Visitors will have an opportunity to learn the history of the drink and understand how the taste familiar from childhood is born.

Duration of the tour – 2 hours. Tour price: free. Reservation by phone: 363-10-21

Watch factory “Rocket”

During a tour of the Petrodvorets watch factory, one will see all stages of the production of component watches and their assembly: from the turning and calibration of platinum (the main part on which the elements are mounted), ending with the introduction of precise stones and testing the finished case in the so-called “chatter”.

Duration of the tour – 2 hours. Tour price: free. Reservation by phone: 940-83-10

Confectionery factory K. Samoilova

Everyone with a sweet tooth will be excited for a fascinating journey through the confectionery industry. First of all, guests will visit the biscuit-waffle production, where cookies, marshmallows, and waffles are made. Then the participants of the excursion will go to the candy and marmalade production. Chocolate and marmalade sweets are made there. The tour ends with the presentation of sweet gifts: about 4 kilograms of the factory’s products as a keepsake for everyone.

Duration of the tour – 1.5 hours. Tour price: 1290 rubles. Reservation by phone: +7 (921) 440-40-07.

“Russian gems” jewelry plant

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with ancient manual and modern automated technologies. Everyone will find out how jewelry is born, unique enamel-filigree silverware, crosses, and icons are made.

Duration of the excursion — 1 hour. Tour price: from 350 rubles. Reservation by phone: 528-84-40

Dumplings factory “Raviollo”

The plant produces several types of dumplings, pancakes and other semi-finished products, as well as ice cream from farm cream. During the tour, guests will visit the production workshops, look at the museum where the equipment of 1994 was preserved and will have a chance to taste an unusual square ice cream.

Duration of the tour – 1.5 hours. Tour price: free for groups over 20 people. Reservation by phone: 303-88-77


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