Popular winter fun in Russia – skating on zorb balloons and tubing, better known as “vatrushka” as it resembles the shape of a Russian cheesecake, is one of the most traumatic types of winter activities.

Recently it has become very popular to ride a “vatrushka” (round inflatable sleds also called “tubing”) in Russia. The media often warns against it because it is dangerous; sometimes there are reports of serious injuries suffered by people rolling on “vatrushka”.

Unlike sleds, tubing can develop great speed, twist around its axis during the descent, while being uncontrollable and not equipped with a braking device. In the place strictly designated for this, before descending from the slide, check that there are no other skiers on the way. In the process of skiing, it is recommended to hold onto special belts located on the sides of the tubing.

It is dangerous to ride one inflatable sleigh together or several people at once, because you can fly out of it. At the same time, adults often violate this rule – they sit down with their children, which ultimately leads to child injuries. Also, you should not overload the tubing, check the characteristics of each model that indicates the maximum allowable weight for it.

Tips for making “tubing” safer

It is recommended to ride an inflatable sled on slopes with an angle of no more than 20 degrees. There should be enough space for braking at the bottom of the slope. Also, you should not ride a tubing on the slopes overgrown with trees.

Before you start descending on an unprepared track, inspect it for the presence of holes, mounds, protruding bushes, stones. Also, you should not ride an inflatable sled on sand or rubble.

Do not ride on a ” vatrushka ” standing or lying on it during the descent; it is necessary to sit as if on a chair – lie back and bend your knees. It is strictly forbidden to tie the “inflatable sled” to a car or a snowmobile. You should not ride a tubing in a state of intoxication.


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