A new technology of modeling intuitions has been developed by Russian AI scientists from the “Cognitive Technologies”. In the future intuition may be necessary for anthropomorphic robots to carry the space watch on the ISS together with people to perform tasks during combat operations while caring for bed patients, etc. However, at this stage, an artificial intelligence built into an unmanned vehicle needs intuition more.

Intuition, according to the developers, is a key factor in the driver’s decision making process. It is known that cognitive psychology explains intuitive processes as a person’s ability to inadvertently and unconsciously process complex information. In the process of intuitive cognition, man does not recognize all the signs by which a conclusion is drawn.

Scientists have learned to distinguish such signs as part of the study of the behavior of road scene objects. The driver can see with his side vision any minute movement on the sidewalk, changing the position of a nearby car, etc. These details are not in the direct field of view, and the logical apparatus of the person does not directly fix them, nor does realize. But the brain realizes that this can be followed by a dangerous movement, and the driver intuitively rebuilds into a different row or undertakes braking. This is what artificial intelligence programmers “learn”.

The world’s first artificial intuition will be demonstrated at an international forum in Shanghai from June 27 to June 29. Among the solutions for the agricultural industry, the developers will also present the world’s first agro-droid. It is an artificial brain equipped with a universal device for quick connection to various agro technical vehicles, such as combines, tractors, sprayers, etc.


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