Professions in demand in Russia

In Russia, there were too many experts in the field of economics and administrative staff, stated the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. At the same time, representatives of technical professions in the labor market are sorely lacking.

The Ministry of Labor said that such specialties as “manager” or “economist” are still considered prestigious in Russia.

Previously, the Russian economy needed such specialists to create and expand companies, but in recent years the labor market has been oversaturated with them. As a result, university graduates who received education in economics or administration turned out to be unclaimed – they simply do not have enough vacancies.

Most demanded professions in Russia

The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation named professionals who are more likely to find a job. The first on the list were doctors and nursing staff. It is the easiest for them to find work in Russia.

Next, are workers involved in construction with qualifications, followed by representatives of the food, woodworking, textile and clothing industries, workers in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The list was closed by security guards – representatives of state services and non-state security firms.

It is stated that there is an acute shortage of representatives of technical professions, and in the next 20 years, the demand for them will only grow.

Most prestigious job industries as named by Russians

Mining and public service were the most prestigious areas for employment in 2019, according to the survey results published by the analytical center NAFI. 58% of Russians named the extraction of oil, gas, coal, and minerals the most respectable job industry.

Next in popularity are the public service (30%) and service in the armed forces, internal affairs and security (26%).

In addition, among the most prestigious areas, respondents indicated construction (25%), credit and financial activities (24%), industry and energy (22%).

Analysts noted that the banking sector has become less popular: almost half of the respondents said that they would not want to work there. At the same time, the oil and gas industry began to be noted by 14% more often than a year earlier.


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