New development real estate Moscow

The average size of a discount that can be obtained when buying an apartment in the capital of Russia is 4% and only 6% in the Moscow region.

The number of new development in the Moscow region, which are offered with various discounts, has decreased by 29% over the year. In February last year, discounts were provided in 80% of projects, now only in half.

The average size of discounts on apartments in the new houses of Old Moscow is only 4%, in New Moscow – 3%, in the Moscow region – 6%. The maximum discount in Old Moscow can be found at a rate of 20%, in New Moscow – only 5%, in the Moscow region – 10%. All these indicators are lower than a year ago, by 2–5%, analysts state.

The reduction of discounts and a decrease in the number of projects in which they are provided, experts associate with the growth in demand for apartments throughout the past year. Buyers are scared by a rise in mortgage rates and housing prices and therefore are forced to make a decision faster. Apartment sales grew by 12% in Moscow, by 15% in New Moscow, and by 9% in the region compared with last February.

Analysts divide the discount policy of developers into two types. The first includes direct discounts affecting the final price of the lot, the second includes bonus programs that do not change the purchase price of the object, but force the customer to purchase. And in projects where both types of discounts are used, sales are 30% better than in other objects.

The condition for receiving a discount today in most cases is a one-time 100% payment or the use of a mortgage, a slightly smaller discount can be obtained with the purchase by installments. There are also social discounts – for example, for young families with children, pensioners, etc., but they are not widely used. Discounts for families with three or more children, pensioners and other unprotected groups of the population are provided by no more than 10% of developers, the survey indicated.

However, 70% of developers provide buyers with bonus programs: from the finishing and design project of an apartment to a certificate for furniture or a subscription to a fitness club. Experts believe that discounts will be gradually replaced by such bonuses in discount policies of companies.


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