Modern sculpture exhibition Saint Petersburg

New exhibition hall of the Museum of Urban Sculpture in St.Petersburg hosts an exhibition “Eternal Values” that shows the development of modern sculpture.

More than 50 authors present their works on two floors of the exhibition hall. A widely formulated topic becomes an ideal field of free choice and personal will.

The focus is on a person without heroics, courage and a great sacrifice, deprived of the pathos of the liberated labor. Sculptors show the circle of a creature’s life from creation to eternal life, listening to the voice of conscience in search of truth. The themes of “Two”, “Love”, “Motherhood”, “Family” are the main motifs of the works.

The authors address the secrets of Heaven and Earth: how to portray an atom, the refraction of space, energy, elements, the Universe, statics or dynamics. They reflect on the laws of being, which can only be represented in the mind, then finding them in abstract geometric compositions.

The most ancient means of knowing the world and its laws is a myth. Sculptors use myths to talk about the origin of the Universe, the Earth and a man, to explain natural phenomena and fate, life and death.

Religious outlook is manifested both in the form of traditional compositions: “Trinity”, “Good Shepherd”, patron saint “Guardian of the Faith”, and a non-trivial dialogue between the biblical brothers Cain and Abel, a wonderful meeting with the Archangel in the middle of the city street.

Values ​​- love, faith, courage, beauty – are comprehended by feeling and cannot be scientifically defined. They can neither be bought nor sold, despite the fact that the material carrier may be the subject of sale. Sculpture, as the most corporeal art form, and the artist’s idea clearly indicate the human presence in the modern world of things and phenomena.

Exposition is open in the Saint Petersburg’s New exhibition hall of the Museum of Urban Sculpture from February 12 to March 13, 2019. Admission fee is from 50 to 150 roubles.


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