Russian police chorus covers popular songs Last Christmas

The soloists of the Russian academic choir of the Ministry of the Interior became the stars of YouTube.

After the appearance of a video on YouTube called Russian Police “Get Lucky”, the original song performers French duo Daft Punk said that it was the best cover of their song they have seen. It was a success: for about six months the melody didn’t leave the first lines of the charts of world radio stations.

“The studio is equipped with the latest technology,” said the deputy art director Igor Shustikov. “The idea to make a cover appeared at one of our rehearsals. Everything was invented by our General.”

The art director of the Russian Police Chorus, Major General Viktor Eliseev decided to do an unscheduled rehearsal. Saturday, evening, it’s time to rest – but the new song needs to be rehearsed again. He himself would have sung the main part of “Get Lucky”, but in the original theme, the tenor sounds with a transition to a falsetto. It is recognized that his voice is more necessary in other songs.

Russian Police band singing “Happy”

After a huge success of “Get Lucky” cover by Russian Police, the musicians decided to record a few more covers of the popular songs.

The next hit chosen by the Russian Police music band was “Happy” by the American singer Farrell Williams. According to the representative of the ensemble, the band wanted to sing “Happy” because of its popularity, other options were not even considered.

In such an unusual way, the Interior Ministry ensemble decided to congratulate the Russians, and with them the whole world, with the upcoming New Year. The release of the video on Youtube was preceded by a viral video with a dancing traffic police inspector. It turned out to be a 24-year-old soloist of the choir Artem Melnikov.

“Last Christmas” cover by Russian Police

The choir of the Russian Police recorded the hit of the British pop duo Wham! “Last Christmas” for the New Year 2019. First performed in 1984 by George Michael and rewritten by many well-known artists, the composition has become the best-selling single in the history of the UK charts.

In the video of the cover version, filmed on a skating rink in Red Square, there are 120 police officers led by the permanent leader, Major General Viktor Eliseev. The song is a tribute to George Michael, who died at the age of 53 years.


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