Indie Russian music bands that perform in English

For those who are tired of the mainstream on radio and music channels, here is the list of 5 diverse indie music bands from Russia. These bands do not tailor their songs to artificial format frames and fashion trends, they remain honest with themselves and their listeners. Get to know them too – after all, these bright performers are certainly worthy of your attention.


Indie Russian music band Pompeya

Pompeya is an independent Moscow band playing in the genres of indie rock, indie pop, post-punk and new wave. The band members are Daniel Brod (vocals, guitar), Denis Agafonov (bass), Nairi Simonyan (drums) and Sasha Lipsky (keys). Pompeya’s distinctive music style is inspired by representatives of the western wave of popular genre groups of the 70s, 80s, and alternative music of the 90s.

Pompeya appeared in 2006 and immediately gained tremendous success among the public and the press: the group managed to have concerts in all famous clubs in Moscow, performed with such venerable musical groups as Stereophonics and Travi. A year later Pompeya was awarded the Golden Gargoyle Club Award, whose laureates were the best Russian music bands, as well as such foreign groups as Stereo MCs and Crystal Castles.

The contribution made by Pompeya for the Russian independent scene is difficult to overestimate. The band can rightfully be considered the most striking and qualitatively interesting phenomenon that occurred in the indie sector of the Russian “independent” scene over the past years.

Tesla Boy

Tesla Boy Russian music band singing in English

Tesla Boy is a Russian electro-pop band established in 2008. The founder of the band is Anton Sevidov, musician and producer. The style of the band’s compositions is associated with popular music from the 1980s. The songs performed by the band belong to the authorship of the musicians, and the team positions itself as an independent project.

Tesla Boy has a large number of fans in Russia and other countries of the world. Musicians are named among the most successful international projects. This indie Russian band managed to attract the attention of satiated youth. Among the fans of the team are sound producer Lady Gaga and Jared Leto, Martin Kirshenbaum.

Tesla Boy tour dates are scheduled months in advance, and the lion’s share of performances take place on overseas venues. At the moment, the volume of applications for concerts significantly exceeds the resources of the team.

Triangle Sun

Russian indie band Triangle Sun

The English-language electronic group Triangle Sun was formed in Moscow in 2004. The band works in the genres of lounge, downtempo, chillout. Triangle Sun was founded by Alexander Knyazev: first, he became interested in acoustic guitar, then electronic music in general. From the performance of cover versions, Knyazev quickly moved on to writing music. Soon, there were like-minded people: vocalist and keyboard player Vadim Kapustin, who also began to write lyrics, and Garik Gagarin.

In 2004 Triangle Sun won the Russian Cafe Del Mar Lounge and went to play music in Ibiza at Cafe Del Mar. The result was the inclusion of the song “Beautiful” in the 13th edition of the compilation of the Cafe Del Mar Music label. In fact, this meant the international recognition of Triangle Sun: it became the first Russian music band to participate in the collections of Cafe Del Mar Music. After that, the team began to be invited to the international lounge festivals ParliamentLounge (2005), Global Gathering (2007), etc.

Now Triangle Sun mainly performs at social events and private parties, but there are also “open” concerts. Alexander Knyazev, in parallel with his own project, writes music for television shows and commercials.

Ocean Jet

Ocean jet music band from Russia

Ocean Jet is a Russian indie band founded in 2013 in the city of Kostroma and it consists of the soloist, drummer and bass player. The music style of the group is a combination of electronic, pop and rock genres.

The music of Ocean Jet, somewhat reminiscent of British pop-rock such as Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, and Hurts, received the first portion of fame almost immediately. The first track “Distant” scattered throughout the social networks in less than a month. Right now the band is traveling around Russia with their first concert tour.

Therr Maitz

Russian band Therr Maitz has been on the music scene since 2004 but does not fit into the mainstream. The band sings in English and performs in the indie genre with a touch of hip-hop, house, and disco. The uniqueness of the sound may be difficult to comprehend by the wide audience which pleases the musicians because they believe following the generally accepted canons has nothing to do with real life.

The general public learned about the band with an unpronounceable name in 2013. Then the band frontman Anton Belyaev charmed the jury of the TV show “Voice” where he reached the semifinals. The group by that time managed to occupy its niche among professionals and connoisseurs of the genre but longed for a big breakthrough.

According to Belyaev, the musicians received their first proposal to participate in a major event an hour after they were shown on television. Thanks to the “Voice”, now there is no need to explain their style to the listeners and the gigs offers are being poured one after another.



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