Myths about Russia

Russians drink a lot

It is a classical stereotype as Russians are often pictured in many films as vodka drinkers. However, Russia is inferior to France, Italy and some US states in terms of per capita consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Many young people in the country choose to lead a healthy lifestyle, and you will rather meet them on a bike ride or in the gym than in a bar. Some foreigners believe that the most popular drink in Russia is vodka but it is not true, Russians prefer tea and drink it any time of the day.

It is always cold in Russia

For many foreigners, Russia personifies the realm of eternal winter, where it is cold even in summer, and the fact that palm trees grow in the south of the country becomes a real discovery. Even in the cold regions like Siberia, there is a very hot summer because of the sharply continental climate.

It is true that the climate in many areas is harsh, but since the country is huge and located in different climatic zones, it’s ridiculous to expect everywhere to be equally cold or warm.

Sea port, Sochi, Russia

Russians are savages

On the contrary, Russia has a rich history, culture, and traditions that are valued among foreigners. No wonder the country attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Mostly foreign groups and individuals visit St.Petersburg and Moscow, and that is where the most famous Russian sights are located. In this regard, it is not surprising that everyone talks with delight about the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, Mariinsky Theatre and Red Square.

Another surprising fact: for some reason, many guests are utterly amazed that people of absolutely all ages go to the museums and galleries of Russia.

Russians never smile

Practically all foreign guests remember the sincere Russian hospitality with kind words, but at the same time, they think of people around as serious and sullen. It seems that the harsh climate is to blame and it’s rare to see smiling men, women, young people, or old people on the streets.

But the oddity is that the situation changes dramatically if Russians are asked for the advice. If you ask a question, enter a social circle, or meet a person for a few times, then for inexplicable reasons, the gloominess disappears.

“Why is it impossible to smile from the very beginning?” the foreigners may wonder, with incomprehension. The explanation is easy: in Russia, such an approach is considered insincere, and a polite empty smile without real feelings is a sign of shallowness and hypocrisy.

Russia is Asia

In fact, Russia is not Europe and not Asia, but Eurasia. Russia will never become a purely European country, as it has never been and will not be a purely Asian state.

The geopolitical uniqueness and historical purpose of Russia are to be a buffer between Europe and Asia. The mission of Russian culture is determined by its diverse connections with cultures of many other nations of the West and the East.


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