Museum of modern art in Saint Petersburg Russia

St. Petersburg is considered the city of museums for a reason. In the Russian city on the Neva, there are more than 250 museums and branches, including both state-owned modern museums with huge archives and private art galleries with original expositions.

Museum of Modern Art “Erarta”

The largest private museums in the field of contemporary art in Russia. In addition to the permanent exhibitions of contemporary artists, temporary shows are held here, as well as various events and lectures. The purpose of the collection is to identify new areas of modern art, discover new talents among novice authors, help with the organization of a display of works. After wandering through the expositions, one can also visit the cinema located here.

Erarta Museum of Modern Art in Saint Petersburg

Loft Project “Etazhi”

It is not only a modern museum but a whole complex with exhibitions, cafes, a terrace, a roof deck, a hostel, and a dozen shops. The loft has retained the interiors of the plant that was once located here. “Etazhi” has so much that you can spend the whole day there. There are craft fairs and interesting exhibitions of modern art, and in the summertime, you can get a cup of tea and sit down on the terrace with unusual architecture. Also in the summertime, you can get access to the rooftop deck of “Etazhi” to enjoy a magnificent view of one of Saint Petersburg oldest streets Ligovsky Prospect.

Etazhi contemporary gallery in St.Petersburg

Street Art museum

In the existing Plant of laminated plastics in St.Petersburg, there is a unique place – the Street Art Museum, consisting of a permanent exhibition and a public platform, where temporary exhibitions and events are held. The closed territory of the plant is covered with graffiti, which has long passed from the category of wall damage to the one of contemporary art. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of about 20 works of modern street artists. The original frescoes are located inside the existing workshops. From October to May every Saturday and Sunday excursions are held on the main exhibition of the Museum.

Street Art museum Saint Petersburg

Creative cluster “Artmuza”

“Artmuza” is a museum of modern art and a creative cluster in St. Petersburg. In 2013, the premises of the former factory of musical instruments “Muzdetal” turned into an association of creative people in terms of painting, sculpture, design, and interior, transforming the industrial building into a cultural place for creativity and recreation for residents and guests of the Northern capital.

“Artmuza” is two four-story buildings, ten galleries and many residences: a theater, artists’ studios, dance, music, art, and design studios and schools. Exposures change monthly. Poetry readings, concerts, master classes, meetings with famous people, debates, film screenings, and other events are held here.

Artmuza museum Russia

New Museum in St.Petersburg

The New Museum is a modern art museum in St.Petersburg with the collection of paintings from the 1950s to modern days, it was opened in 2010. The museum is based on the private collection of Aslan Chekhoev. Unlike most private collections, the Chekhoev collection is not built on local experience and subjective preferences, but on an understanding of the overall picture of the development of the art of our time.

The museum exposition shows the path of contemporary Russian art. The plans of the museum are to become a place where the hospitable arms are open not only for visitors, but also for new cooperation and partnership with other creative people and projects.

New Museum Contemporary Art in St.Pete Russia


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