russian companies ipo

MTS Bank

The “son” of the telecommunications company MTS, well known to domestic investors, and, therefore, the “grandson” of AFK Sistema. Another fintech intended “for internal use”, which is now available to any self-respecting digital ecosystem. In general, the very business model of this kind of financial institutions raises many questions regarding scaling possibilities and future prospects, however, given the popularity of the parent company, it is doubtful that the issuer will be able to attract a sufficient amount of capital to accommodate the upper bound of the valuation.


Ed-tech platform that has long gone beyond just a foreign language. Now it is a large platform that provides its clients with a wide range of educational courses: from basic arithmetic for the youngest and inexperienced, to advanced programming and business analytics for adults and established ones.


Another ed-tech which specializes in professional retraining for IT, design, e-commerce and other professions in demand today. Considering the relationship with VK, before making a final decision on investing in the company, it is advised to double-check everything three times, because these guys are real masters of their craft: the business of empty squandering of funds with a fantastic audience and an unattainable, almost monopoly position in certain market segments.

Sokolov and Sunlight

The largest chains of jewelry stores in Russia. Yes, the same Sunlight, the story about the endless and non-stop closing of stores which at one time gave rise to a huge number of memes.


A crowdlending platform, which is a hardcore version of the Moscow Exchange, on which a business, which for one reason or another does not have the opportunity to conduct a full-fledged IPO, can ask you to borrow a penny at a good interest rate, and you, having thoroughly weighed all the pros and “against”, you can give him this little penny.


a technologies and data center services provider with an impressive track record of large corporate clients, successfully competing with other cloud service giants – Rostelecom and Yandex.

Element Group of Companies

A joint venture between the aforementioned AFK Sistema and the Rostec state corporation, engaged in the development and production of its own microelectronics.


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