Jazz festival in Saint Petersburg Russia

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The Palma Mansion will celebrate the holiday with the traditional JAZZMAN festival of male jazz vocals on March, 9th, 2019. This is a unique social event in Saint Petersbrug for those who appreciate jazz and high-quality leisure

Live jazz straight from New York, the Blind Orchestra and the production of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe will be a part of the programm of the fourth JAZZMAN festival, which will be held on March 9 in the Palma mansion. This festival is becoming a tradition and a beautiful gift for the International Women’s Day. JAZZMAN is a unique social event for those who appreciate jazz and high-quality leisure.

This is the only international festival in the world that focuses on contemporary male vocalists in jazz. JAZZMAN, well known to the Petersburg audience, secured the title of an event with taste: a combination of jazz standards and unexpected musical experiments, dancing in the warm light of retro garlands, an elegant, and at the same time emotional platform – this is why the festival is loved by guests.

The year 2019 was declared the Year of Theater in Russia, and this fourth JAZZMAN integrates into the program a whole jazz musical performance. Staged by “Sinatra and Monroe. The tragedy of the little girl” tells the unknown facts from the life of the great artists Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. Guests of the festival will hear the hits of the stars in the live performance of Dmitry Noskov and Yanina Melekhova.

The festival program will also include:

  • Legendary New York jazz vocalist and trumpeter John Marshall and Jazz Classic Trio;
  • Blind Orchestra Spb Blind Orchestra (vocals – Pavel Lineykin), where musicians play and sing blindfolded;
  • Denis Kuzmin and Kuzmin Jazz Quartet with the classical jazz program of the 30-50s of the XX century;
  • Pupils of the first and only school of jazz and musical J & M School in St. Petersburg.

The Jazz Flash Mob dance master class, themed photo zones and prize draws will complement the atmosphere of a secular party.

Image via Upsplash


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