new Russian architectural style

Moscow architectural bureau Megabudka presented a draft of the national Russian architectural style. The concept includes the main directions in architecture, characteristic for different periods of Russian history. There is a wooden architecture, as well as Luzhkovsky and country styles, according to the website of the authors of the project.

The architects took the concept of a city for pedestrians as a basis. Its small territory allows residents to move without a car. The city is surrounded by an earthen wall, which is a large park for sports. There is free parking inside the shaft, while you will have to pay a lot for the parking space near the house.

On the central square in the city are the administration building, the exhibition center, the temple, and the malls. In addition, there is an island with thick trees and a lake, which in winter turns into a skating rink.

The city has a university and a campus. The buildings on campus are designed in the style of architects from the 1930s. There are many small cozy squares that are centers of cultural life in the peripheral areas. There are wide sidewalks, bike lanes, pockets for guest parking with charging spots for electric vehicles.

In order to avoid creating class ghettos, people from houses of different price categories use the same yards. In addition, high-rise buildings provide all-season spaces where neighbors can hold various events.

Public centers with coworking and workshops are set up in the courtyards so that apartment owners can work close to home. In addition, there are special areas for growing tomatoes or herbs, sunbathing and frying kebabs.

Urban homesteads are groups of individual luxury homes. There are closed courtyards where, depending on the climate, it is possible to break a cherry orchard or a vineyard.

Low-rise low-cost houses are grouped into co-housings to create good neighborly relations. Virtually every apartment is a townhouse. The houses have spacious terraces with an outdoor stove.

proposed new style for Russian city


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