Claude Monet painting Impression Sunrise

Enjoy the works of the greatest artist in St. Petersburg. The exhibition “Claude Monet. The Impressionism genius” is open in Etagi gallery daily from December 28 to February 14, 2019. Open hours from 11:00 to 21:00.

Claude Monet, a talented painter and founder of the Impressionism movement created a huge number of beautiful paintings, and many of them are on the list of the most expensive and valuable paintings in the world.

The originals of these paintings are scattered around the best museums in the world and private collections, and collecting even the most amazing masterpieces in one exhibition is almost impossible. This explains the presence of exclusive reproductions in the exposition – not
just simple ones, but of the highest quality!

The technique of “giclee” used for the reproductions at the exhibition makes it possible to completely recreate the immortal masterpieces on a natural canvas, to reproduce all the nuances of color and light and shade, to convey the character and texture of the stroke. Even unique features such as craquelure or hairs dropped from the brush are preserved. Thus, digital art reproduction is not an imitation, but an exact, facsimile reproduction of the original.

Works are accompanied by a description of the plots and the history of each painting.

The exhibition place is probably the most famous St. Petersburg loft ETAGI, known for its love for high-quality art projects, unique atmosphere, and rooftop deck. With the weekday ticket one can get to the picturesque roof for free, as well as to other exhibitions that are on display in the loft.

The exhibition presents:

  • reproductions of the highest quality;
  • interesting and informative excursions;
  • mementos and souvenirs;
  • unique atmosphere;
  • a picturesque view from one of the coolest roofs of the city.


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