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The new “Rossiya” airline menu development was carried out together with the team of cooks of the leading Russian catering manufacturer, Aeromar, which is part of Aeroflot Group and caters for most of its flights, setting high-quality standards.

In-flight menu update program started in October last year; in the course of the agreement, three tastings were held for the management of the carrier. This demonstrates high importance of the project and special attitude to St. Petersburg, where the airline’s base airport is located. The feeling of comfort at the height is impossible without the perfect taste, so the airline approached the implementation of the task carefully and scrupulously.

As part of the menu, 20 updated flight catering options were approved, which you can try on airline flights departing from Pulkovo airport from the beginning of February. Qualitative changes have touched appetizers, desserts, hot dishes, and portion products. The menu takes into account current trends in Asian cuisine (hot smoked eel with teriyaki sauce, porridge with coconut milk), presents classic recipes of Russian cuisine (beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes, roast beef with garlic sauce, cheesecakes), and added European accents (salmon tartare, lasagna with meat sauce, cheese platter with a garnish of fig).

The menu map has been enriched with various desserts – in various versions you can find black currant marshmallow, cheesecake with poppy seeds, profiteroles with praline filling. In addition, in accordance with individual preferences, passengers will be offered 15 special flight catering options.

Airline “Rossiya” pays special attention to the quality and range of in-flight catering, relying on healthy and balanced food. The airline hopes that passengers will appreciate the new onboard menu, the creators of which sought to satisfy the changing preferences and diverse tastes of travelers.


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