Popular countries among Russians to buy real estate

Experts found that Novosibirsk citizens preferred Bulgaria, and Saint Petersburg residents preferred Finland.

In the first half of 2019, the most popular countries for buying real estate among Muscovites were Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, and the USA. This was reported in a press release by the real estate analytical center Prian.

Finland is the most popular destination among Petersburgers. The second-place is Spain, in third – Turkey. Next, in popularity are Bulgaria and Italy, experts found.

Residents of Kazan in the first half of the year preferred real estate in Turkey. Spain is in second place, and the USA is in third. Also, residents of the capital of Tatarstan bought property in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The inhabitants of Novosibirsk in the first place – Bulgaria, in the second – Turkey, in the third – Spain. The United States and Germany have Siberians in fourth and fifth positions, respectively, the press release said.

Thailand in the first six months of this year was the most popular among residents of Vladivostok. Also, real estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, the USA, and Spain was in high demand among Vladivostok residents, the message explained.

In the fall of 2018, analysts recorded a 1.5 increase in the interest of Russians in resort housing. It was reported that the most popular objects are located in France and Italy.


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