In 2024, the state support program for mortgage lending in Russia continued its development, becoming one of the key instruments of state policy in the field of housing construction and providing the population with affordable housing. In this article we will look at the main aspects of mortgages with state support in Russia in 2024

State subsidized mortgage programs in Russia

In 2024, Russia will operate various state mortgage support programs aimed at stimulating housing construction, ensuring housing affordability for the population and developing the mortgage lending market. Among the main programs are:

  • The “Mortgage with State Support” program – provides the opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing with government support in the form of subsidies on interest rates or a down payment.
  • The “Young Family” program – aimed at young families, allows you to obtain a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing, taking into account special preferential conditions.
  • The “Far Eastern Mortgage” program is aimed at developing housing construction and ensuring affordable housing for residents of the Russian Far East.

Conditions for obtaining a mortgage with state support

To obtain a mortgage loan with state support in Russia in 2024, you must meet certain conditions, including:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation or an existing permit for temporary or permanent residence in the country.
  • Compliance with age restrictions set by banks or government support programs.
  • Sufficient level of income to cover the costs of the mortgage loan.
  • Compliance with down payment and interest rate requirements established by support programs.

Advantages and disadvantages of mortgages with state support

Government-backed mortgages have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into account when deciding whether to take out a loan. Among the advantages are:

  • Reduced interest rates and down payments due to government subsidies.
  • Increasing the affordability of housing for the general population, including young families and residents of the regions.
  • Possibility of obtaining additional preferential conditions within the framework of special support programs.

However, one should also take into account the disadvantages of a subsidised mortgage, such as restrictions on the choice of real estate object, difficulties with the procedure for obtaining subsidies and possible risks of changing the terms of the programs in the future.

Prospects for the development of subsidised mortgages in Russia

In 2024, the state mortgage support program continues to develop with the aim of improving housing affordability for the population, stimulating housing construction and developing the housing lending market. Important areas of development are:

  • Expansion of support programs to new categories of the population and regions of the country.
  • Increasing the volume of allocated funds for government support programs.
  • Improving the mechanisms for providing subsidies and benefits for borrowers.

Thus, subsidised mortgages in Russia remain a relevant tool for ensuring affordable housing for the Russian population in 2024. Choosing the right mortgage program can help many people realize their dream of owning their own home.


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