Foreigners rent more apartments in Moscow

More than half of foreign tenants are residents of China, Taiwan, Japan, and India.

In Moscow, the number of foreign tenants is growing: compared to February 2018, their share in the old borders of Moscow grew by 25%. The main mass (2/3 of the total) of such tenants are corporate clients who are provided with housing by their employers, the rest are individual tenants.

The majority (59%) of clients who rent housing in the capital of Russia are from Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, India), another 27% of employers are European citizens (Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy, Balkan countries). 14% of transactions are made with US citizens, according to analysts. At the same time, Europeans most often rent luxury apartments.

If earlier tenants from far abroad gave preference to housing located in the Central and Western administrative districts of Moscow, today the geography of their settlement has expanded considerably. Thus, a significant proportion of transactions are made with apartments that are located in the north, north-east and east of the capital. However, proximity to the office is still a key factor, experts state.

The demand is fixed both for comfort-class apartments and for more expensive objects, analysts clarify. Business-class apartments are most in demand from foreign tenants – they account for 58% of demand, another 35% of transactions are made in the comfort segment and only 7% of realized demand are premium and luxury objects.

The price range of such housing is 45–65 thousand rubles per month for a small apartment for specialists and middle managers and 70–150 thousand rubles for more spacious options for top executives. In this case, the upper limit often does not exceed 300 thousand rubles per month.


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