co-working Russia

In St. Petersburg, there are more than 50 coworking centers, flexible office spaces, and anti-cafes, experts say. Development of the coworking market in 2020 expected. More specialized flexible spaces will appear in the city.

On average the expenses for the establishment of a typical coworking center pay off in 4-5 years. The cost of renting such premises ranges from 5,000 to 20,000 rubles per workplace per month, depending on equipment and orientation. Coworking services may include a computer-equipped workstation, telephony, Internet, call center services, security, reception, meeting room, coffee, tea, and cookies. On the market, there is a variety of offers, from simple offices for 4-5 people to huge offices with a designer interior, providing for the possibility of branding space.

In the world, the demand for coworking is growing annually by 30-40%. In St. Petersburg, this segment also shows growth. According to the forecast of the experts, by the end of this year, the coworking market in St. Petersburg will increase by 30-35%, 10-12 new flexible workspaces will appear in the city. In addition, local and international coworking networks will appear in St. Petersburg.

This format is becoming segmented already: there are not only traditional offices, but also specialized carpentry, sewing workspaces. By the end of the year, there will be more flexible spaces for manicure, hairdressers, tattooists, in addition, coworking for mothers will be opened on maternity leave. According to the experts, the format of coworking in the outskirts and suburbs of St. Petersburg is promising, in residential development projects where it will be possible to leave a child with a nanny for a while, undergo training, listen to lectures, and work.


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