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How can a foreigner buy an apartment in Russia?

What are non-obvious problems that a foreigner who plans to buy an apartment in Russia will have to face? Below are the most common questions that are often asked by non-residents planning to purchase real estate in Russia.


Tours in the factories of St. Petersburg

Tourists and residents of St. Petersburg and can visit the factories of the largest companies in the city with a guided tour. This is a unique opportunity to find out how the products of famous brands are made: cars, imperial china, drinks, sweets, and legendary watches.


Soviet expressionism exhibition in the Russian Museum

The exhibition in the Russian Museum is called “The Echo of Expressionism. The Art of Leningrad in the Middle – Second Half of the Twentieth Century”, the duration is January 23 — March 9, 2020.

Real Estate

Affordable housing in Russia

Russia is ahead of Western countries in terms of housing affordability. However, the quality of the urban environment and the level of comfort of housing are low.


Top 5 Russian universities for foreign students

The number of applications from foreign students in Russia increased by 20 percent in 2019. Almost 115 thousand international applicants decided to get higher education in Russia in 2019.


Coworking market in St. Petersburg is predicted to grow

In St. Petersburg, there are more than 50 coworking centers, flexible office spaces, and anti-cafes, experts say. Development of the coworking market in 2020 expected. More specialized flexible spaces will appear in the city.


Modernists exhibition in Saint Petersburg

The exhibition named “Gustav Klimt. Golden Kiss” combines the works of four famous modernist artists: they all brilliant in their work: Gustav Klimt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Alfons Mucha, and Egon Schiele. The event will be held in the Loft Project Floors from February 3rd to April 26th, 2020.

Gustav Klimt is an Austrian painter, graphic artist, and decorator. His name is usually associated with the Art Nouveau style. “Kiss” is the most famous and very characteristic painting of the artist, which also gave the name to the exhibition.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is the most famous master of Art Nouveau in France. The posters of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec did an excellent job of what they were intended: they advertised the gloss of the Parisian half-light, alcohol, vice, and cancan. It was the posters that brought the artist the coveted fame.

Alfons Mucha
“Dance” by Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha, who was called a brilliant artist during his lifetime, would now be called rather a brilliant designer. Indeed, for the sake of justice, it’s worth saying that his paintings, including the famous series “Slavic Epic”, were not nearly as popular as the replicated images of romantic beauties from posters and labels.

Egon Schiele is an Austrian painter and graphic artist, one of the brightest representatives of Austrian expressionism. The main theme of his creative work was the human body. He revised the views of academic painting, in which the body acted as an object for contemplation. For his life, which lasted only 28 years, Egon Schiele wrote and painted more self-portraits than all the artists known before him in art history. He often portrayed himself grotesquely, sometimes with traces of decay. Art historians compare his work with a portrait of Dorian Gray.

egon schiele
“Female Nude Lying On Her Stomach” by Egon Schiele

The exhibition will feature 80 reproductions of paintings in the technique of giclee, posters and drawings by artists, equipped with a description of the plots and the history of each painting. Tours will be available for guests, one can buy souvenirs as a keepsake.

The Giclee technique allows you to completely recreate immortal masterpieces on natural canvas, to reproduce all the nuances of color and chiaroscuro, to convey the character and texture of the brushstroke. Even such unique features as craquelures or hairs that have fallen from the brush are preserved. Thus, digital art reproduction is not an imitation, but an exact, facsimile reproduction of the original.