A third of Russians are afraid of losing their jobs due to artificial intelligence

Every third resident of Russia fears that the development of artificial intelligence may indirectly threaten his own employment. This is evidenced by the results of a recent survey conducted in 30 countries. Every second Russian citizen suggests that they consider it necessary to regulate AI to protect jobs.


Chinese international forum for modern Russian Literature

The Russian language is experiencing a new round of popularity in China amid deepening friendly relations between the countries and the implementation of the One Belt – One Way initiative. This was announced on Saturday by the vice-rector of one of the leading universities of the country of Fudan University in Shanghai, Zhang Renhe, at the opening ceremony of the IX International Forum “Russian Literature of the XX – XXI Centuries”.


Top countries where Russian residents prefer to buy property

Experts found that Novosibirsk citizens preferred Bulgaria, and Saint Petersburg residents preferred Finland.


6 useful tips for selling an apartment in Russia

If you are an apartment owner willing to sell your property in Russia you probably wondered how to best market your apartment for a quick sale. These tips below are used by professional real estate agents representing housing on the market to make an apartment more attractive.

Take great photos for your ad

The best photos of the interior are obtained with natural light in the afternoon when the sun is already dim. Sunny interiors are more advantageous than dark ones. Pictures taken with a wide-angle lens can visually increase the space. Make sure to include the only furniture and hide personal items so that the layout is clear. Also, do not forget to show the view from the window, the interior of the entrance, the exterior of the house. There must be at least ten photos in the ad for a small apartment and 12–20 for a spacious dwelling.

Create an apartment competent advertising

In the announcement of the sale of an apartment, it is necessary to describe its technical characteristics and competitive advantages. The text should highlight the indisputable advantages of the apartment: a fresh repair, a good view from the windows, a clean entrance, a concierge, etc. You can hook the buyer by emphasizing an interesting layout that will allow you to embody design ideas. For example, to make a living room of a large hallway, a dressing room instead of a closet, in two-level apartments you can equip an internal balcony or a library area above the first tier.

Apartment building in Russia

Set an adequate price for a property

Seller’s own apartment always seems more attractive than similar ones, so sellers often inflate the price. As a result, housing gets sits on the market for months. For sellers who have a poor market orientation, it’s better to turn to an experienced realtor. If the owner considers the price offered by the specialist not high enough, then you can act according to the following scheme: set the property for sale at the desired price for the seller, and then gradually reduce it every one to two weeks, waiting for the emergence of consumer interest. But it may take more time to sell an apartment in this case.

Clean and de-personalize an apartment

Before showing the apartment, you need to put it in order: do the cleaning, throw away all the “visual debris”. If there are signs of leaks on the walls and ceilings, they need to be painted over, the old wallpaper with stains should be replaced with a new one – even the cheapest option will do so long as it’s new. It is also advisable to remove personal items: family photos, drying clothes, groceries, etc. The apartment should be as close as possible to a hotel room.

How to sell an apartment in Russia

Let a buyer feel like a future apartment owner

There is another interesting approach that realtors use. It is good when there is an opportunity to meet a potential buyer at the entrance or stop to walk to the apartment, at the same time talking about the features of the area and the infrastructure. “Together you go up to the floor, hand the keys to him and say: “Open up”. The buyer, embarrassed, takes the keys and opens their future apartment. This technique helps buyers to feel like they are owners of the apartment, as well as to remove the barrier between the buyer and the seller. It would be nice to leave buyers for a couple of minutes alone so that they could walk in silence, get comfortable and think it through.

Prepare all paperwork

The ambiguities in the documents, the confusion in the rights of former and current owners, the “dark past” of the apartment may affect the buyer’s decision. Therefore, prepare the necessary documentation in advance. It is in the interests of the seller to provide the “evidence-based” as much as possible by demonstrating that problems with documents are resolved and legally everything is clean. Buyers can ask for the necessary documents at any stage of the transaction, even during the first viewing.


5 modern music bands you’ll be surprised are Russian

For those who are tired of the mainstream on radio and music channels, here is the list of 5 diverse indie music bands from Russia. These bands do not tailor their songs to artificial format frames and fashion trends, they remain honest with themselves and their listeners. Get to know them too – after all, these bright performers are certainly worthy of your attention.