Russian show ballet on ice

A quarter of a century later, the Russian Ballet on Ice returns to Russia with the new project Kalina Krasnaya.

The first five premiere performances of the group took place in 1992. Then, at the junction of theatrical art and figure skating, a unique creative product was created, anticipating the emergence of modern ice shows, which in recent decades have enjoyed immense popularity among the audience. Today, the Russian Ballet on Ice, like twenty-five years ago, fascinates viewers with its high level of acting and performing skills, captivates with artistic design and musical dramaturgy.

The new project “Kalina Krasnaya” will be available in the spring of 2019. The program will premiere on March 8 in Elektrostal at the Kristall Sports Palace, March 15 in Nizhny Novgorod at the Nagorny Concert and Entertainment Complex, March 17 in St. Petersburg at the Yubileiny Sports Palace on March 24 in Moscow VTB Arena.

“Kalina Krasnaya” is a musical story on the ice about the people of a great, inflexible, controversial and eternally resurgent Russia, expressed through choreographic understanding of historical events and conveyed through the images of the characters of favorite domestic films, folk songs and Russian classical music.

The program of the performance includes six blocks, which are a choreographically completed chapter, set to music by a single composer or performer. The action of each subsequent block of the program follows from the action of the previous one, creating a single holistic reading of the musical story.

The program will be attended by sixteen professional figure skaters and fourteen dancers, for whom a podium covering 15% of ice will be installed on the ice. Duration of the performance is 110 minutes. The main choreographer of the program is Katerina Semenova-Neiman.


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