Massive layoffs office workers in Russia

Massive layoffs may begin this spring in Russia. According to the Ministry of Labor, more than a hundred thousand employees will lose their jobs.

In Russia, already this spring, over a hundred thousand citizens may be laid off. Such a forecast was made by the Ministry of Labor based on data from the employment services, where employers send notifications two months before the planned layoffs.

It is noted that the department collects this information and makes a forecast, despite the fact that the employer may change their plans and refuse to cut staff. Meanwhile, according to monitoring data from February 6, in the spring of 2019, 115.7 thousand people may lose their jobs. High risk of reductions can be observed in the automotive industry – 25.8 thousand planned layoffs, in transport companies – 23.4 thousand, as well as in the financial and banking industries – 15.4 thousand.

It is expected that the majority of reductions can occur in Moscow (18.7 thousand), St. Petersburg (5 thousand), Sverdlovsk Region (4.5 thousand), Perm Territory (4.5 thousand) and Kemerovo Region (3,7 thousand).

Experts suggest that reductions in the automotive market may be associated with a halt in production. Transport companies will go on layoffs due to the fact that they did not win tenders for the provision of services in 2019, and cuts in the banking sector will be associated with license revocation by the Central Bank, Izvestia writes.

The Ministry of Labor officially does not comment on the information.

As reported by FederalPress earlier, at the end of 2018, information appeared about the massive reductions in Russia that will occur this year. It was predicted that bank employees would fall under the layoffs. The Labor Ministry said that the situation on the labor market is stable and promised that no reductions are planned.


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