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Moscow hosted A! ONE Conference on Artificial Intelligence on December 14-16 2018, where scientists had a chance to meet with representatives of large companies that implement high-tech projects.

According to forecasts by major analysts, the development of artificial intelligence technologies will lead to rapid growth in entrepreneurial activity. Very often, scientists do not understand how you can turn your idea into a product that will be useful to the humankind. At the same time, business representatives are poorly aware of what technologies are available. In order for all elements of this system to interact correctly, the A! ONE conference is organized.

In addition to various training reports of master classes and networking opportunities, representatives from successful research laboratories, investment funds, start-ups and corporations will share with participants.

Scientists were interested in the speeches of Mikhail Burtsev – the head of the neural systems and artificial intelligence laboratory of MIPT; Pavel Volchkov – a scientist in the field of genomic engineering of MIPT; Maxim Sharayev – a scientist from Skoltech, performing diagnosis and prognosis of treatment in such areas as neurosurgery, neurology and psychiatry.

Speakers from major international foundations Marvin Liao – partner of the 500 startups foundation, Konstantin Vinogradov from Runa Capital, Peter Zhegin from Sistema VC, Jonathan Brender from Atooro Fund and others talked about what technological trends will prevail in the startup market for artificial intelligence.

Startups founders had a chance to talk to the representatives of successful projects: Igor Volzhinin – the founder of Datasine, which has passed the Techstars acceleration program and is now in London, Mikhail Rumyantsev from FriendlyData, whose company recently opened on the American market, and other companies that have long sold their products to the international market.

Rodrigo Salvaterra from the American holding J.P. J.P. Morgan Chase made a talk about the experience of using artificial intelligence in companies. Dr. E Juan from Alibaba Cloud, Nilotpal Goswami from consulting giant Frost & Sallivan, Dmitry Korobchinko from NVidia and representatives of IBM, Amazon, CBInsights and other market players attended the event.


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